Thursday, 7 August 2014

My first stab at blogging!!

I put this picture up today in the Midori Group on FB, 
and WOW!! the response I got was amazing.
I didnt realise how many people on the group was interested in J.T.P
(Jack the Ripper)


I was asked if I had a blog about my intrest in this subject, and I said "No", but if I get the nerve to do one I would let you know.

So after sitting here thinking about it for a while , I decided to give it a whirl, dunno what its gonna be like, but hayho lets give it a go.

Ok, right Ive been intrested in the Ripper case for around 20 yrs, I find it fascinating, and to know we will never really know who he or she was, just keeps me interested.

I was born and raised in the East End of London, a place called Canning Town, about 8 miles from Whitechapel.  So being so close to the area and having my family always talking about the crimes, especially my grandparents and older aunts and uncles, how could I not be interested.

On my travels ive meet some of the top authors who are the experts on this subject.
Ive had the pleasure to meet Paul Begg, Martin Fido, and Donald Rumberlow, Keith Skinner, and Stewart Evans. This dont prove I know, but the experience was mind blowing,
to be able to listen to their experiences and their thoughts on the case.

 So I hope to bring some of my knowledge and questions to this blog, along with some of my daily life and some memories from my life in the East End, to share with you some photos, some laughs and some upsets, I dunno how its gonna go but thats life, I will try to post on a weekly basis, so I hope you stick with me on my journey.

Wish me luck!

thanks for reading



  1. I'll be following with interest. I've been fascinated by Jack the Ripper for a long time too. It's the ultimate mystery.

  2. Thanks Klair, it is a fab mystery love it...hope I can do enough but I am so busy at work. ..but will do everything I can. Thank you for you support.

  3. I ordered the book you recommended on the Facebook group and am eagerly awaiting its arrival! I think this is going to be a new interest for me!

  4. So happy you started a blog. Congrats! ��
    Can't wait to see how your journey unfolds.