Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi everyone,  here's my 2nd blog.  Well what a sad start to week, with the sad news on a big talent, Robin Williams.
Wow!! how shocked was the world to know that he had taken his life. May he be in peace now our feelings are with he's family at this sad time.

We'll my week so far has been ok, been trying to find planner peace, with not much luck.  I've been in my Midori regular size, my Raydori field note size and also my black Malden.
After much debating, and setting up and decorating and what I want and don't want, I've decided to go with all three.
I know I know... but I think I'm ok now ish, my Midori regular size is my research book, Journal,  and my bullet journal. This is my book I will carry around and be my main planner.
My Raydori will be used as a brain dump notebook, this is on my bedside table.
My Malden is just my planner for everything ie: work, bills, my daughters school.  I think I'm happy with this so far...but it could change. (More than likely).

So let's talk Jack the Ripper books.
I've been asked about what I would recommend and what books I've enjoyed.
So I've taken some pictures of some of the ones I have.

The first book I would totally say is a must have!! is, The complete Jack the Ripper A-Z.
For the reason it's a great reference book, it gives great information that's available. I have two versions of this book due to updates.

These two books are the best books I found to be the most informative, giving you plenty of
insight to the layout of the crimes, the best description of how London was and how people lived in them days.
I found that these books gave me the best understanding of the crimes.  When I first started to be very interested and wanted to find out more, these books where in my opinion the best I found,  and even now I still go back to them as you can tell by the condition they are in.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My first stab at blogging!!

I put this picture up today in the Midori Group on FB, 
and WOW!! the response I got was amazing.
I didnt realise how many people on the group was interested in J.T.P
(Jack the Ripper)


I was asked if I had a blog about my intrest in this subject, and I said "No", but if I get the nerve to do one I would let you know.

So after sitting here thinking about it for a while , I decided to give it a whirl, dunno what its gonna be like, but hayho lets give it a go.

Ok, right Ive been intrested in the Ripper case for around 20 yrs, I find it fascinating, and to know we will never really know who he or she was, just keeps me interested.

I was born and raised in the East End of London, a place called Canning Town, about 8 miles from Whitechapel.  So being so close to the area and having my family always talking about the crimes, especially my grandparents and older aunts and uncles, how could I not be interested.

On my travels ive meet some of the top authors who are the experts on this subject.
Ive had the pleasure to meet Paul Begg, Martin Fido, and Donald Rumberlow, Keith Skinner, and Stewart Evans. This dont prove I know, but the experience was mind blowing,
to be able to listen to their experiences and their thoughts on the case.

 So I hope to bring some of my knowledge and questions to this blog, along with some of my daily life and some memories from my life in the East End, to share with you some photos, some laughs and some upsets, I dunno how its gonna go but thats life, I will try to post on a weekly basis, so I hope you stick with me on my journey.

Wish me luck!

thanks for reading